Our portfolio

All compression springs are customized and available in wire dimensions ranging from 0,10 - 13mm. designs,  designs

Extension springs can be obtained in spring wire, stainless steel wire or other special alloys in wire dimensions ranging from 0,10 - 13 mm and are available in various hook designs

Our optimized torsion springs guarantee that you get the right product for your application

Your own imagination and needs, simply sets the limit to what can be done within this area

We offer you high quality manufacturing of stamped sheet metal parts from 0,1 up to 4mm

ISO 10243 is a complete range made of chrome vanadium alloyed spring steel, in stock for immediate delivery

The Step from being a component supplier to a product supplier is one that we are always ready to take!

Life cycle adaption

From flexible prototype manufacture to rational, high volyme production. We can fill the role of efficient supplier throughout a product´s entire life


What we manufacture is almost always a component of several customers' sub- or end product and the obvious choice is usually that the customer does this himself.

Custom-made springs

It is in Torsås that you will find the real springs experts. Here we have for over 40 years spent our waking time developing and producing tailored springs and wire details for our customers. Each order is unique and a challenge, that's exactly how we want it. Then we can use all our knowledge and experience to make optimal material choices, calculate geometry, forces, function and service life. Then we can manufacture the spring in 5 or 5 million copies. Despite the fact that our customers have very different needs, everyone receives the same good service.


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