The company

When you use Spinova, you get the right quality, right technology and top-of-the-range service. The Swedish ingenuity, hard work and cost efficiency, coupled with many years of experience, are for free. All this has made us known as the market´s most reliable manufacturer of  springs and wire forms. We are considered the leading manufacturer within the compression springs segment in Sweden.

The key to our success is our corporate culture – Fjädrar Anamma! This has, over the years, formed the platform of our business. Today we are recognized by many of our customers as one of Sweden’s absolute most reliable partners.


There's very little chance that you'll ever pass through our town of Torsås or Ålem. But if you've got a "spring problem", it's highly probable that you will end up working with us.


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General conditions

Sågverksgatan 13 | Box 150 | 385 22 Torsås | Tel +46 (0)486-412 00